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Illinois sees and hears the rumble of trucks as much as any state in America. It sits right in the middle of the country’s transportation grid and gets its fair share of accidents because of that. When truck accidents happen, they normally bring with them devastating injuries, extraordinary costs, and terrible suffering. We have helped many victims of truck accidents and can explain to you each step and stage of a truck accident claim. To begin to understand these events, it can be helpful to start with a few key points.

Truck Accident Injuries That Illinois Victims Frequently Sustain:

Some of the most common types of injuries individuals sustain in truck accidents include:

  • Broken Bones: This might seem obvious but it is important to remember that broken bones routinely occur in truck accidents. Also, there is not just one kind of broken bone injury. They can be compound, open, oblique, transverse, and other varieties. All of them present their own consequences and recovery challenges but a skilled attorney can help you identify and rectify them.
  • Scars/Lacerations: We commonly find victims of truck accidents with scars or lacerations. These can arise from shattering glass, restricting seatbelts, exploding airbags, or other circumstances. Whatever way in which they happen, they leave the person severely impacted. For instance, they can significantly affect the victim’s self-esteem if the scar permanently disfigures him or her. After working with many victims of Illinois truck accidents, we know that this is one of the most severe injuries they might sustain.
  • Back and Neck Injuries: The jolt and jostle of any truck accident can damage vulnerable parts of your body like your back or neck. Herniated disks and similar injuries are all too common and something you need to be on the lookout for. This is incredibly important because these problems often do not present for some time so it is good to be aware of them as early as possible.
  • Brain Injuries: Brain injuries regularly result from truck accidents. They present negative long-term health consequences as well as significant rehabilitation and costs. Be on the watch for them because when you sustain a traumatic brain injury, such as a concussion or internal bleeding, immediate quality treatment is essential, as these injuries can seriously hamper your quality of life.
  • Truck Accident Deaths: Sadly, injuries are not the only outcome of truck accidents. Sometimes, individuals die from them as well. When this happens, the decedent’s loved ones and families are left to clean up and pay for this unspeakable event. In these circumstances, it can help to have a Chicago truck accident lawyer who can help accomplish all of these tasks on your behalf.

Obviously, this list does not cover every injury that comes from truck accidents but it does cover the broad range of their most recurrent effects. Your incident might have different injuries and it is important to work with a qualified Chicago attorney to fully identify how the crash affected you.

Truck Accident Claims That Illinois Victims Commonly Pursue:

The form and dynamic of your truck accident lawsuit will mirror how it happened and how you were injured. Generally, most victims file a negligence action. With this kind of suit, the plaintiff alleges that the defendant did not do what a reasonable person would have and that it caused injuries as a result. Alternatively, plaintiffs can also file a wrongful death lawsuit. This cause of action states that the defendant wrongfully caused the death of a loved one and that the passing caused damages to the claimant. Whatever type of case you choose, there will be various elements you need to prove. After speaking with an experienced attorney, you can learn what kind would be best for you and what you need to do in order to prevail.

Truck Accident Compensation That Illinois Victims Routinely Receive:

While it is next to impossible to suggest exactly how much you could receive in a lawsuit, it is fair to predict what kinds of things you could recover for in a case. The most obvious and regular source of reimbursement is expenses. Like many other incidents, truck accidents impose a number of out-of-pocket expenses on victims. They spend considerable time in hospitals; they require frequent transportation; they miss many days of work; and, in many other ways, they are taxed because of the crash.

While expenses might take dollars directly out of a truck accident victim’s pocket, other forms of injury indirectly toll them. For instance, they can experience pain, suffering, disability, or other kinds of non-economic harms in the future. These charge victims no less than expenses do and it is critical to remember that you can recover for these injuries.

Finally, there are other places where you could look for recovery in a case such as this. More often than not, your lawyer might look to obtain punitive damages. These punish defendants more so than compensate victims for actions deemed excessively wanton. Juries have broad discretion in awarding this kind of damages and they can be a great source of recovery. Broadly speaking, these three areas will be the most likely sources of compensation for truck accident victims and gauging them will be a good indicator of future recovery.

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